Summary of our project


Agreement n. GRU-13-C-LP-216- TM-RO


The fast paced life imposed by the socio-economical changes from the last period, has also negative aspects, one of them beeing the "lack" of the parents in the children education. The majority of the parents doesn’t have time to help their children in resolving the school asigments, it is pointed in the surveys made in the last period. They dont have time because the jobs which the parents have are taking almost 12-14 hours per day or because they are gone abroad working. The same "absence" of the parents from the child education is caused of the fact that the parents also doenst have also a good education for offering their children support.

The teachers have signaled in a repeteated way this situation, and also the necesity of making a strategy and project in which are more involved the family as an educational partner. The family must understant the importance of his own role in the children education and his future, the necesity of an active involvement in the relation with the program and the school activities.

Lots of families consider that the school is the only one responsabile of the education and the future or the childrens. If something doesnt work in the development and the children education the teachers are the one to blame. It is recomended to be kept alive the realtion between parents and school. Like the existance of schools for smaller ones it is also normal to exist schools for parents who want to clarify more aspects about the childrens development.

The basic education is no longer enough for the changes and the transformation that we see in the 21 century, and in which it will be more asked the question What will happen with the new generations. It is necesary to know the childrens need, the market needs, for offering efficent educational mesures, which will assure a real chanse for an socio-professional integrations. The performance and the efficency of the educational process can offer the needed answears to the parents and the childrens.

Parents education is a needed social phenomenon. Never the art of beeing a parent was so ignored. The family is te first social institution which has a big impact on the human development. The first school for the human was the family.

The followed objectives are:

  • teaching the ability to be an "involved parents" in the child education;
  • creating a good relationship between parent and children
  • preventing the eventual behaviour issues and the negative spiral that determine those
  • learning the parents the ability to communicate better for improving the children behaviour


Duration: 24 months (From August 2013 to July 2015)