I. The concrete objectives of the partnership are:

  1. to acquire the communication skills to become an educated parent in understanding the behaviour of their children;
  2. to know and to develop the ability to be "an involved parent" in order to achieve a good parent-child relationship;
  3. to improve parenting skills in order to develop appropriate skills designed to address the specific needs of the educational development of children;
  4. to know new training opportunities for students in order to integrate into the European labour market;
  5. to promote the European dimension in education by valuing traditional cultural similarities and differences used in the education of children in the countries involved.


II.This project is intended to involve all the factors in children's education, but first of all the parents from disadvantaged backgrounds to succeed to optimize their relationship with them.

By means of the activities carried out we aim to challenge and persuade parents to show their availability and openness to learning new things and then implementing them in the relationship they share with their children and the communities they come from.

Even if they come from families that are subjected to high levels of stress, parents, with the support of specialists, will develop parenting skills, they will better understand their children, will be able to interact better with them and will appropriately address the specific needs of the educational development of children.

We consider important for parents to realize that the children's rights, covered by the Convention on the Rights of the Child adopted by the United Nations General Assembly on 20th Nov.1989 and which defines the rights and principles of the normal development of a child, are actually "the children's needs".Hence, every parent feels responsible to meet the "needs" at the highest possible level, wanting their child to be better, to succeed to gain access to the society's scale of values.

Through the activities developed in this partnership, specialists- parents-children, the following objectives will be achieved: the learning of techniques leading to the knowledge of young people's skills, of the current needs of the labour market, to give effective theoretical and especially practical educational measures, which would provide one real chances for socio-professional integration.


III. The project objectives will be achieved through activities and mobilities within the partnership.