Çanakkale Halk Eğitim Merkezi ve Akşam Sanat Okulu Müdürlüğü


Çanakkale Halk Eğitim Merkezi ve Akşam Sanat Okulu Müdürlüğü

The Canakkale Public Education Center and evening school of Arts is an institution attached to the State. Adult and youth the aim of ensuring that the knowledge,skills and profession.We give courses who not knows read and write. For adults to read to elementary school and high school are the mothers and fathers of their children and to inform about the developments. His interest in courses, conferences, citizens panels, symposiums, concerts, various competitions and sports activities,excursions,folklore performances,exhibitions celebrate the heroic days of the edit.

Some of the courses we given in public education center: Parent education (0-2 years old), Parent education (3-6 years old), Parent education (7-11years old), Parent education (11-18 years old), Family and Consumer Sciences, Beauty and Hair Care Services, Music and Performing Arts, Agriculture Technologies, Crafts Jewellery Technology, Foreign Languages, Food Technology Metallurgy, Apparel Manufacturing Technology.

The fleet consists of 1 Manager 3 different branches and more than 100 teachers,Deputy Director.Use the drop-down course 10.0000 thousand participants.

Family education teachers consists of 5 people.An average of 300 parents are in educational training. This is a very important and positive effects on children of trainings and thus will be more hopeful for the future of the children away.

Child care, love and information you want and raising the most important institution in education is happy with this project, individual, family, happy family, happy society. On the occasion of the Declaration of the rights of the child,particularly to the families of the family training in fundamental rights and liberties awareness is also very important.

Training courses to learn the neglect of disabled citizens, disabled people and people with disabilities and family absencies on family to understand and teach the importance of social responsibilities towards them as well.

According to both the employee and the parents that don't work when it's most convenient these courses we are given.