Kroatische Wirtschaftsvereinigung e.V.


Kroatische Wirtschaftsvereinigung e.V."

Kroatische Wirtschaftsvereinigung e.V (KWVD) is economic association established in 2007, in Frankfurt am Main, Germany with the purpose of representing companies that are active in German-Croatian economy and promoting German-Croatian economic relations. KWVD is also active in educational area by organising education and training for young people, by finding companies where students and pupils can perform practice and by organizing seminars and visits for teachers and trainers.

In our projects we actively include students from Germany and from abroad (Croatia,Lithuania, Romania, Turkey etc.) and also students with migrant background and Roma students.


 As a host organization KWVD participated in several mobility projects:

  • in LDV PLM, KWVD organized two weeks professional trainings for 9 hairdressers from Croatia;
  • in 2 LDV IVT,KWVD organized practice for 34 pupils in craft occupations;
  • In LDV VETPRO,KWVD organized seminars and visits for 20 professional experts and teachers in vocational education.

KWVD also supports project "URU" in the City of Zagreb, Croatia for mobility of students in Germany and "Jobstarter" project with the aim to open 65 workplaces for apprentices from 2009. to 2012. Jobstarter project includes firms in Germany with Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian and Montenegro background in Rhine-Main region.Project is founded by Federal Ministry for education and scientific research and by EU Social Fund.

As a sending organization, KWVD organised mobilities to Croatia for 14 students from Germany.

Currently we are involved in 2 LDV Partnership projects:

  1. Europeek -with partners from Lithuania,Turkey,Romania, Poland and Croatia with the aim to raise attractiveness of VET and vocational occupation to pupils.
  2. Europe Electric Car -with Finland and Croatia with the purpose to build electrical car.

Staff: In Kroatische Wirtschaftsvereinigung e.V. are working experts with theoretical knowledge and practical experience in different areas like industrial engineers, economists, lawyers, administrative persons etc. There are 3 employed persons, 6 members of managing board and many volunteers.