Non-profit Association "PROSCHOOLVARIAS" a small NGO in educational field, in a rural area of Timis county, was founded in 2007 and is a parents and teachers association.

It has particular character and it is based on the association of people concerned with raising the quality of the educational in school on the radius of the Varias. It supports any form of any business carried on in school and outside. Among its objectives there are promotion activities for development, innovation and long life learning in education, education and preparation for active participation in social life by promoting and developing skills necessary in an open society, critical thinking, tolerance, anteprenorial skills, communication skills effective stimulating forms of communication and collaboration between all the factors involved in education. Nowadays, Association has 103 members.

In Varias village are working 2 secondary schools, 3 kindergartens and 1 kindergarten with an extended program, being contained almost 800 children in the educational system. Varias village is at 40-50 km from the cities and towns in which the adults-parents can find a work place.

In the village radius there are few workplaces and therefore the adults-parents are forced to commute to other towns to go to work, which implies that they are gone for almost 12-14 hours from their children. Some of them are also working abroad for different periods, leaving their children in the care of the relatives. Also because of the poverty and the lack of education from the parents, there are children that are exposed to the school drop-out risk. So we started to observer that a bigger number of preschoolers and pupils are having behavior issues, are playing truant and cant continue their studies for obtaining a work place.

The organization, with the activities developed, tries to supply the gap of the "absence" of the parents from the child education and to support the parents who are in a dead end.