"Save the Children Romania Timisoara Branch"


"Save the Children Romania Timisoara Branch"

Save the Children Romania Timisoara Branch is a national non-governmental, of public utility organization, how has been promoting the rights of the child since 1990. It is a member of Save the Children International, the world’s largest independent organization for the promotion of children’s rights that includes 29 members and is conducting programmes in more than 120 countries.

Save the Children Timişoara Branch was establish in 1992 and is one of the 13 branches of Save the Children Romania.

Save the Children Timişoara Branch is a NGO with vast experience in implementing and coordinating projects of local and national levels for children and young people, especially those in need. Today is conducting programmes on education, social protection and advocacy activities for abused and neglected children, children at risk of school drop-out, children from social disadvantaged families, children left behind whose parents work abroad, children with disabilities, parents etc.

In 2012 Save the Children Timişoara Branch dedicated its programmes to approximately 2473 children, 970 parents, 260 teachers and conducted information sessions for 1633 professionals in schools, preschools and public institutions such as city halls, hospitals.

Over 70 volunteers were involved in the Brach’s projects and had direct activities with the children.

Save the Children Timis Branch is known for its active participation and capacity for coordination and implementation of projects with direct impact on the child protection system, in Timis County and beyond.

Today Save the Children Timişoara Branch has 9 full time employees and is developing activities in 4 areas: counseling services for children and parents, school education, children left behind and volunteering.

The organization is also a member of several civil society structures: the NGO Advisory Group to the Prefect of Timis County, Timis, Anti-Drugs Advisory Group Timis etc. It collaborates with various state, local and other agencies: DGASPC Timis, ISJ Timis, IPJ Timis, schools and pre-schools, cultural institutions, etc.