The Esperia

Association of graduates, students, teachers and parents of the evening Gymnasium and Lyceum in Trikala-The Esperia



"Esperia" is an association of an evening secondary school in Trikala . It consists of teachers, students, alumni students and parents.

The association was established in order to promote and facilitate the cooperation between all these groups, as the school has many particularities.Our school provides education to people that had not the chance to follow a secondary school due to working,due to financial or family problems.So many of our students and their families are poor and of low cultural level and they are in the risk of social exclusion.

The students of this school are at the age of 14-55 years old and the majority of them are disandvantaged people.Many of them are working people adults or not, other are unemployed, other are immigrants, other housewives who could not go to school during puberty. The "diversity" of the students demands from the teachers a special manipulation, as teachers face very often difficulties and they can not find the balance.

Teachers, parents and alumni students should cooperate and develop stronger relationships to cope with the particularities, because under such circumstances the role of the teacher is very difficult, if he has not the support of the parents or of the alumni students who can also be involved as they have their own experience in such a special school.Simultaneously, many of the adult students are also parents,so through this cooperation they acquire useful experience in order to face similar problems with their children.

The big changes that occur in the 21th century make the basic education inefficient for the social and professional intergration of students.Teachers have underlined that they are not the only one responsible of the personal progress of the children.The efficiency of the school is increased, when the family takes over its responsibilities and accept to cooperate with the staff of the school