Short description of the involved organisations



Non-profit Association "PROSCHOOLVARIAS" a small NGO in educational field, in a rural area of Timis county, was founded in 2007 and is a parents and teachers association.

It has particular character and it is based on the association of people concerned with raising the quality of the educational in school on the radius of the Varias. It supports any form of any business carried on in school and outside. Among its objectives there are promotion activities for development, innovation and long life learning in education, education and preparation for active participation in social life by promoting and developing skills necessary in an open society, critical thinking, tolerance, anteprenorial skills, communication skills effective stimulating forms of communication and collaboration between all the factors involved in education. Nowadays, Association has 103 members.

In Varias village are working 2 secondary schools, 3 kindergartens and 1 kindergarten with an extended program, being contained almost 800 children in the educational system. Varias village is at 40-50 km from the cities and towns in which the adults-parents can find a work place.

In the village radius there are few workplaces and therefore the adults-parents are forced to commute to other towns to go to work, which implies that they are gone for almost 12-14 hours from their children. Some of them are also working abroad for different periods, leaving their children in the care of the relatives. Also because of the poverty and the lack of education from the parents, there are children that are exposed to the school drop-out risk. So we started to observer that a bigger number of preschoolers and pupils are having behavior issues, are playing truant and cant continue their studies for obtaining a work place.

The organization, with the activities developed, tries to supply the gap of the "absence" of the parents from the child education and to support the parents who are in a dead end.




The NGO "EUROPEAN COOPERATION NETWORK (EURO-NET)" is a voluntary, democratic, non institutional; aims to promote, develop, disseminate and promote the European and international cooperation, without discrimination of space, time, trends and styles.

The EURO-NET will:

  1. develop and disseminate European culture through the promotion and management of partnerships and cooperative relations between public and private European at international level
  2. promote, plan and implement international projects
  3. to provide public and private technical assistance for the submission management and reporting of projects... In the 2010 Euro-Net participates in the following community projects:
    • IPA-Civil Society Facility-Socio-Economic Partnership Programme, Budget line 22.020701, Reference: EuropeAid/129637/C/ACT/Multi 2010.
    • Civil Society Dialogue II: Fisheries and Agriculture Grant Scheme (CSD-II/FA), EURO-NET in partnershih CLUB "Sustainable Development Of Civil Society", (Europe Aid BG-2009-CZQ-1905148126), BULGARIA project"Strengthening The Cooperation In Agriculture And Food Safety" (march 2010);
    • European Instrument for Democracy and human Rights (EIDHR), Country Based Support Scheme Turkey Programme, Restricted Call for Proposals 2010
    • Life Long Learning Programme COMENUS REGIO PARTNERSHIP, 2010 partners led by the regional Education Inspectorate of Kastamonu in Turkey ("A Comparative Study of Management of Education (Local Education policy) in European Dimension";

In the 2011 Euro-Net partecipates in the following community projects:

  • n. 2 project for the call 2011 of TEMPUS IV programme, with led partners UNIVERSITA’ POLITECNICA DELLE MARCHE:
    • Title: Sustainable Tourism,Eco-Innovation and Design - Submission n.517149-TEMPUS-1-2011-1-IT-TEMPUS-JPHES,
  • Life Long Learning Programme COMENUS REGIO PARTNERSHIP, project "European Citizenship between School and Society".



The Esperia

"Esperia" is an association of an evening secondary school in Trikala . It consists of teachers, students, alumni students and parents.

The association was established in order to promote and facilitate the cooperation between all these groups, as the school has many particularities.Our school provides education to people that had not the chance to follow a secondary school due to working,due to financial or family problems.So many of our students and their families are poor and of low cultural level and they are in the risk of social exclusion.

The students of this school are at the age of 14-55 years old and the majority of them are disandvantaged people.Many of them are working people adults or not, other are unemployed, other are immigrants, other housewives who could not go to school during puberty. The "diversity" of the students demands from the teachers a special manipulation, as teachers face very often difficulties and they can not find the balance.

Teachers, parents and alumni students should cooperate and develop stronger relationships to cope with the particularities, because under such circumstances the role of the teacher is very difficult, if he has not the support of the parents or of the alumni students who can also be involved as they have their own experience in such a special school.Simultaneously, many of the adult students are also parents,so through this cooperation they acquire useful experience in order to face similar problems with their children.

The big changes that occur in the 21th century make the basic education inefficient for the social and professional intergration of students.Teachers have underlined that they are not the only one responsible of the personal progress of the children.The efficiency of the school is increased, when the family takes over its responsibilities and accept to cooperate with the staff of the school



Business and Development Center, Centrum Rozwoju Biznesu Sp. z o.o.

Business and Development Center, Poland provides services to private enterprises, self-government institutions and non-governmental institutions in social policy projects and entrepreneurship development. The main goal of BD Center to act for the benefit of education development and providing solutions to resolve social problems of women, disabled and young people.

Main aims of BD Center are as follows: promotion of educational and innovative training courses; promotion of new technologies among women; promotion of entrepreneurship among women; promotion of disabled people on the open labour market; analysis of future labour market needs concerning education. We implement good practices in education and training in order to help our target groups in insertion into the labour market. We also concentrate on families education as an institution which has a big impact on the human development.

BD Center is achieving its goals through the following activities: Labour market research, Training – workshops on gender and equality issues, human resources management, publishing.

Work of BD Center is based on well organized cooperation system with NGOs, training and guidance institution and local self-government. BD Center has over 10-year of experience in realization of EU projects.



Çanakkale Halk Eğitim Merkezi ve Akşam Sanat Okulu Müdürlüğü

The Canakkale Public Education Center and evening school of Arts is an institution attached to the State. Adult and youth the aim of ensuring that the knowledge,skills and profession.We give courses who not knows read and write. For adults to read to elementary school and high school are the mothers and fathers of their children and to inform about the developments. His interest in courses, conferences, citizens panels, symposiums, concerts, various competitions and sports activities,excursions,folklore performances,exhibitions celebrate the heroic days of the edit.

Some of the courses we given in public education center: Parent education (0-2 years old), Parent education (3-6 years old), Parent education (7-11years old), Parent education (11-18 years old), Family and Consumer Sciences, Beauty and Hair Care Services, Music and Performing Arts, Agriculture Technologies, Crafts Jewellery Technology, Foreign Languages, Food Technology Metallurgy, Apparel Manufacturing Technology.

The fleet consists of 1 Manager 3 different branches and more than 100 teachers,Deputy Director.Use the drop-down course 10.0000 thousand participants.

Family education teachers consists of 5 people.An average of 300 parents are in educational training. This is a very important and positive effects on children of trainings and thus will be more hopeful for the future of the children away.

Child care, love and information you want and raising the most important institution in education is happy with this project, individual, family, happy family, happy society. On the occasion of the Declaration of the rights of the child,particularly to the families of the family training in fundamental rights and liberties awareness is also very important.

Training courses to learn the neglect of disabled citizens, disabled people and people with disabilities and family absencies on family to understand and teach the importance of social responsibilities towards them as well.

According to both the employee and the parents that don't work when it's most convenient these courses we are given.



Kroatische Wirtschaftsvereinigung e.V.

Kroatische Wirtschaftsvereinigung e.V (KWVD) is economic association established in 2007, in Frankfurt am Main, Germany with the purpose of representing companies that are active in German-Croatian economy and promoting German-Croatian economic relations. KWVD is also active in educational area by organising education and training for young people, by finding companies where students and pupils can perform practice and by organizing seminars and visits for teachers and trainers.

In our projects we actively include students from Germany and from abroad (Croatia,Lithuania, Romania, Turkey etc.) and also students with migrant background and Roma students.


 As a host organization KWVD participated in several mobility projects:

  • in LDV PLM, KWVD organized two weeks professional trainings for 9 hairdressers from Croatia;
  • in 2 LDV IVT,KWVD organized practice for 34 pupils in craft occupations;
  • In LDV VETPRO,KWVD organized seminars and visits for 20 professional experts and teachers in vocational education.

KWVD also supports project "URU" in the City of Zagreb, Croatia for mobility of students in Germany and "Jobstarter" project with the aim to open 65 workplaces for apprentices from 2009. to 2012. Jobstarter project includes firms in Germany with Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian and Montenegro background in Rhine-Main region.Project is founded by Federal Ministry for education and scientific research and by EU Social Fund.

As a sending organization, KWVD organised mobilities to Croatia for 14 students from Germany.

Currently we are involved in 2 LDV Partnership projects:

  1. Europeek -with partners from Lithuania,Turkey,Romania, Poland and Croatia with the aim to raise attractiveness of VET and vocational occupation to pupils.
  2. Europe Electric Car -with Finland and Croatia with the purpose to build electrical car.

Staff: In Kroatische Wirtschaftsvereinigung e.V. are working experts with theoretical knowledge and practical experience in different areas like industrial engineers, economists, lawyers, administrative persons etc. There are 3 employed persons, 6 members of managing board and many volunteers.



"Save the Children Romania Timisoara Branch"

Save the Children Romania Timisoara Branch is a national non-governmental, of public utility organization, how has been promoting the rights of the child since 1990. It is a member of Save the Children International, the world’s largest independent organization for the promotion of children’s rights that includes 29 members and is conducting programmes in more than 120 countries.

Save the Children Timişoara Branch was establish in 1992 and is one of the 13 branches of Save the Children Romania.

Save the Children Timişoara Branch is a NGO with vast experience in implementing and coordinating projects of local and national levels for children and young people, especially those in need. Today is conducting programmes on education, social protection and advocacy activities for abused and neglected children, children at risk of school drop-out, children from social disadvantaged families, children left behind whose parents work abroad, children with disabilities, parents etc.

In 2012 Save the Children Timişoara Branch dedicated its programmes to approximately 2473 children, 970 parents, 260 teachers and conducted information sessions for 1633 professionals in schools, preschools and public institutions such as city halls, hospitals.

Over 70 volunteers were involved in the Brach’s projects and had direct activities with the children.

Save the Children Timis Branch is known for its active participation and capacity for coordination and implementation of projects with direct impact on the child protection system, in Timis County and beyond.

Today Save the Children Timişoara Branch has 9 full time employees and is developing activities in 4 areas: counseling services for children and parents, school education, children left behind and volunteering.

The organization is also a member of several civil society structures: the NGO Advisory Group to the Prefect of Timis County, Timis, Anti-Drugs Advisory Group Timis etc. It collaborates with various state, local and other agencies: DGASPC Timis, ISJ Timis, IPJ Timis, schools and pre-schools, cultural institutions, etc.